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MBCDA Mission

The mission of the Basic Research Center on Molecular and Cell Biology of Drug Abuse (MCBDA) is to develop treatments for drug addiction by understanding the mechanisms of drugs' actions via basic research.

Upcoming Seminars

For a schedule of all pharmacology seminars see ... 2010 Pharmacology Seminar Series

Meet our scientists

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Dr. Horace Loh awarded the First Medical School Senior Investigator Award

Dr. Loh, Frederick Stark Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology, is the first recipient of Medical School's Senior Investigator Award. Dr. Loh is widely recognized as an international leader in understanding the molecular mechanism of and dependence on opioid drugs, the most widely used painkillers, and in developing treatment for addictive disease. More information about Dr. Loh's award

Dr. Li-Na Wei, named a Distinguished McKnight University Professor for 2009

The Distinguished McKnight University Professorship recognizes the University of Minnesota’s most outstanding mid-career faculty. ...more about Li-Na Wei's research

News relevant to MCBDA

UMNews Link

Dr. Li-Na Wei's research is featured on the UMNews page. ... Upsetting long-held scientific ideas has made pharmacology professor Li-Na Wei stand out

Pilot Project Grant

Dr. Yan Zeng recently was awarded a pilot project grant from the MCBDA. This 2-year grant will allow Dr. Zeng to study the function of miRNAs in rodent opiate addiction models. ...More on Yan Zeng's Pilot Project

Horace Loh Horace Loh
Ping-Yee Law Ping-Yee Law
Li-Na Wei Li-Na Wei
Stanley Thayer Stanley Thayer
Sabita Roy Sabita Roy
Sundaram Ramakrishnan Sundaram Ramakrishnan
Kevin Wickman Kevin Wickman